8 Tips to Increase Not New Windows Server Efficiency After Installing Antivirus

Displays a blue screen that looks very similar to the one that Windows displayed during the crash. Displays only the modules/drivers that their memory addresses found in the stack of the crash. There is very high chance that one of the drivers in this list is the one that caused the crash.

When you browse the Internet, your computer stores a temporary version of the websites you visit on your hard drive so that it can more quickly load the web page. If you revisit the site, after deleting these files, your computer will download fresh copies of these files. That’s it, you have successfully Fix Physical Memory Dump Error but if you still have any queries regarding this guide then feel free to ask them in the comment’s section. 8.Restart and you have successfullyFix Physical Memory Dump Error,if not, continue.

11.In order toFix Physical Memory Dump Error, you will need to replace your RAM if bad memory sectors are found. This will automatically check all the hardware of your system and will report back if any issue is found. Crash dump files can be very large, so if you have enabled your system to store these files, do not retain them for longer than necessary.

The file version of the driver that probably caused this crash. This information is loaded from the version resource of the driver. The file description of the driver that probably caused this crash.

Delete Memory Dump Files

  • For years, hard disks got bigger and bigger, and operating systems and applications grew larger, taking advantage of the increased disk space by adding new features.
  • Uninstalling programs could free up a considerable amount of hard disk space.
  • Windows includes a built-in tool that will clean temporary files and get rid of other d3dx9_43.dll is missing data you don’t need.
  • However you can free up disk space using one tool, which will save you much time and decrease the risk of mistakes.
  • The exact amount will depend on how much space a program uses, and that varies from application to application.

Even when your system is configured to create an kernel, complete, or automatic memory dump, you’ll get both a minidump and a larger MEMORY.DMP file. These files contain a copy of the computer’s memory at the time of the crash. They can be used to help diagnose and identify the problem that led to the crash in the first place. Right-click the MEMORY.DMP files from the list and choose Delete (Permanently) from the menu.

Use Software To Remove The Memory Dump File

Pretty obvious here… these are the files that you’ve deleted that remain in your computer’s recycle bin. If you’re certain you don’t want to use these files anymore, you can permanently delete them by selecting them and removing them here. These files contain notes about programs that have crashed on your computer. If you provide these files to your software vendor, sometimes they can use them to determine what might be making your computer crash. Honestly, most tech support people have no clue what to do with a dump file.

And its Space Analyzer feature is extremely useful when your hard drive is running out of space, and you wonder which file is taking up too much space. The Space Analyzer uses graphics to give a better view of the hard drive space usage. Type disk cleanup in the Windows 10 Cortana search box. You can also press Windows + S keys on the keyboard to open the search box. You can get DumpChk from the installation CD/DVD of Windows or with the installtion of Debugging Tools for Windows.

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