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Especially in the United States, those on the backside of the SES rank have 26.3 times greater odds of being uninsured compared with these at the prime of the SES rank. The uninsured prevalence within the lowest SES quartile is 35% in the United States compared with 15% in Costa Rica, whereas it’s about the identical (about 5%) within the fourth SES quartile in the two international locations. Table 3 reveals the RII in the two international locations disaggregated by sex and nine groups of explanation for demise. The RII falls to about half for older US adults ages 65–eighty four compared with ages 40–sixty four, which is consistent with past research exhibiting that at older ages SES gradients in well being are less steep . Among Costa Ricans, both male and female, the RII before and after age 65 doesn’t differ significantly; the explanation for the differential RII results by age in the two countries remains a subject for future research.

This lifestyle advantage is not current among Costa Rican women, who additionally present higher prevalence of hypertension and diabetes, which partially could originate in the high fertility ranges that have been frequent till recently in Costa Rica. The comparability of prevalence of selected well being risk factors with knowledge from CRELES and NHANES surveys yield clues about the proximate determinants of mortality and health within the two international locations.

Women in Costa Rican have a big advantage—bigger than men—in lung cancer mortality, which is one-sixth that of the United States. However, women’s advantage in heart illness mortality (DRR of zero.85) just isn’t as massive as that of men (0.60). The advantage of Costa Rican women in these two causes of death is greater than counterbalanced by significantly greater mortality by stroke (32% greater dying fee), external injuries (59%), and continual respiratory ailments (fifty nine%). The greater Costa Rican mortality by stroke among both men and women is a topic for further research. The higher mortality by exterior accidents comes from a poorer physical and institutional infrastructure to forestall and deal with accidents.

However, earnings distribution isn’t notably egalitarian in Costa Rica. The Costa Rican Gini can also be greater than the US Gini of 0.40, which itself is higher than in most high-earnings nations similar to Sweden (zero.25), Germany (zero.30), or Japan (0.32) . The outstanding health indicators of Costa Rica have been recognized for many years. The nation was included, for instance, as one of the four study instances within the 1985 Rockefeller Foundation report on »Good Health at Low Cost” .

The desk exhibits the RII for the chances of being affected by each well being threat taken as a binary condition. Being uninsured (ages 55–64) has by far the highest SES gradients in the two nations.

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Comparing health and mortality in these two international locations could help to identify pathways for enhancing health even underneath suboptimal economic circumstances, as well as assist to improve targeting of well being interventions in high-revenue settings. However, this analysis literature has overlooked the possibly extra putting comparisons with countries that wield many fewer sources. Costa Rica is certainly one of a handful of middle-revenue international locations in which the supply of data allows this kind of extra hanging comparison.

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Only Costa Rican nationals (96% on the research’s ages) have been included in the Costa Rican knowledge. Survival selection of Costa Rican adults is way larger than that of US adults. If it is a issue that has given an advantage to elderly Costa Ricans, such advantage would disappear sooner or later when cohorts with comparable health experiences within the two international locations reach older ages. Table four compares inequality in the well being threat factors whose prevalence we described before.

The larger feminine mortality by respiratory conditions is probably a consequence of firewood cooking till current occasions in rural areas. 2 also exhibits that male mortality is clearly decrease in Costa Rica than in the United States in any respect adult ages above 55 y, in accordance with both important statistics and the NLMS samples. In contrast, the differences between the two countries in feminine mortality are much less clear and vary by age and data source. Earlier research has proven that in Costa Rica SES disparities in grownup well being are small, null, or even opposite to the expected negative SES gradients . These investments have partly been enabled by eliminating the financial burden of army expenditures after abolishing its armed forces in its 1949 Constitution (10⇓–12).


We restrict Costa Rican observations to the 12-y comply with-up period beginning in January 1990, so the observation interval in each international locations is centered in 1996. To reduce the potential for death underregistration errors, the observe-up of deaths in Costa Rica included survival checks towards the voting lists for the presidential elections performed each four y starting in 1990.

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Among Costa Rican men, the data present no significant SES gradient , especially at older ages. A key way of life issue that appears favorable in Costa Rica is smoking. Prevalence of previous and present smoking is clearly lower among women in Costa Rica than within the United States . The decrease Costa Rican prevalence of obesity, sedentariness, and dyslipidemia suggests healthier existence, especially amongst men on this nation.

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