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No matter how much we slam Apple for its closed ecosystem, many of us often find ourselves raving about how well coordinated the iPhone and Mac are. Option 2 — Automatically (Recommended) — This is the quickest and easiest option. Windows 10 Storage Sense allows you to configure the two options to let the operating system clean temporary files that the applications no longer use, in addition to cleaning the recycle bin every 30 days. 4. Select the Hardware tab and click Device Installation Settings. To remove them manually, type %temp% in the search bar and click on File folder.

Go back to the Your mfc110u.dll was not found Phone app on your computer, and click the Notification tab on the left side of the screen. The policy also includes a configurable grace period to allow, for example, users who have been away to have extra time before being forced to restart their devices. For the user you want to prevent from accessing the registry editor, be sure to convert their account back to a standard account. Right-click on the account that inflicts Windows Security prompt and select Change.

You were doing slow actions like slowly pressing alt-tab, then AltTab would update even though nothing changed focus in the background. KB 4512941 update was released on August 30. Microsoft said in a Knowledge Base article that the update should address many of the issues affecting remote desktops, Windows sandboxing, and other aspects of Windows 10. You can get there by selecting Settings from the Start menu.

You can pause updates, for a maximum of 35 days, but you cannot outright block them. Choose All settings. Double click on JumpListItems_Maximum, select the Decimal option under Base and then enter the number of Jump List items you want to appear under Value Data (I use 25). If you are using Windows Defender or any other definition based product from Microsoft, you will want to enable Allow Automatic Updates immediate installation” of updates that neither interrupt Windows services nor restart Windows.

When connecting for the first time, select the "Notifications" tab in the Your Phone app and select "Open Settings for me" to display the Notification access settings on your phone. This controls whether or not you see missed notifications in the Action Center. Downloads: You can have updates downloaded automatically or have the system prompt the user to download them when it’s convenient. Clean some (but almost never all) of the following: jumplists, thumbnails, registry items, Skype chatsync, etc.

One of the key parts of the modern Windows 10 experience is called Fluent Design and it includes new visual improvements available across both the operating system and apps. The table below summarizes the characteristics of the touch panels we’ve looked at. Keep in mind that even in devices based on the same sensing method, performance and functions can vary widely in the actual products. Added instruction to disable "Extended Battery Life for Gaming".

Microsoft launched a new Windows 10 update on August 30 but users soon spotted a major bug causing Cortana to chew up a huge chunk of their CPU’s power. To do this, run the registry editor () and go to the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\DeviceInstall\Restrictions\DenyDeviceIDs. Original: April 13, 2020 (7:45 AM ET): Microsoft’s Your Phone app is perhaps one of the most useful ones out there for people who use Android phones and Windows PCs The app allows users to seamlessly access notifications, reply to text messages, as well as make and receive calls on their PCs.

You’ll also find a REG file for re-enabling phone linking. You can control which apps are allowed to add information to the Lock screen in Settings (like the weather report shown here). If you’re not sure how to check your device settings, you may need to check the manufacturer’s website. This post Important Reasons NOT to Download DLL Files tells you more details. In many cases driver updates are not necessary, particularly if the associated hardware is already working fine within the system.

Microsoft is pretty much done with the Windows 10 October 2018 Update — save for some minor tinkering — but work continues apace on the following update, due in the first half of next year, with a fresh preview build emerging that brings the Fluent Design interface to the operating system’s sign-in screen. From now on Power Throttling will be completely disabled on Windows 10. You can change defaults and colors of a large number of things in PySimpleGUI quite easily.

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